4 Reasons to Hire a Competent Tree Service

Since the times of antiquity, trees have always been a core part of the human society and evolution. If we take a look at the pages of history, we see that many civilizations thrived near dense forests as this indicated ample presence of water, which is a fundamental element of life. Trees have been providing humanity with fruit, shade, shelter, fire and last but the least, wood! Due to our atavistic and survival instincts, we still have a very strong affinity towards trees of all kinds, shapes and sizes. At Cape Cod Yard and Tree Service, we understand the value every single tree has on the bigger canvas of life. Simply put, we take care of your trees for you and the environment, and this dedication has made us a leading tree removal service.

What Makes a Reputable Tree Service

Any reputable tree service will first assess your lawn or garden, inspect for disease and damage, come up with a feasible solution and implement it professionally with minimal loss to nature and minimal inconvenience to customers. These are the qualities our service boasts and we excel at what we do. Our extensive experience in building up, shaping, landscaping, beautifying and maintaining trees of all kinds locally available has earned us the respect and trust of Cape Cod residents. Our Cape Cod Yard Service is a team of dedicated and hardworking gardeners, arborists, craftsmen and crew that bring in their A-game when faced with challenging tree situation. We are always available and ready on a single call to come and take care of your trees.

How to Save Trees and Environment

When it comes to tree services, it is often misunderstood with being just tree removal or tree spraying. In actual, it is much more than just plucking out bad trees and planting new ones. It takes patience and a very long time to make a little sapling turn into a strong and healthy tree. We specialize in all services related to trees which includes restoring damaged trees if the disease hasn’t exceeded the point-of-no-return. Our experts ensure that we do not have to remove trees, but if it is necessary, we will do it in a professional manner. The best practices that we follow help us to make these arduous tasks environment-friendly as well as convenient for the owners.

What Other Tree Services Are There

In addition to tree removing services, we also offer a wide range of other services such as stump grinding and removal, disease diagnostic and care, bug and caterpillar eradication, planting new trees and transplanting healthier trees. The arborists in our Chatham tree service and other service areas analyze the health and condition of each tree, diagnose a treatment if necessary or decide if it has to be removed for the betterment of its neighboring foliage. The stumps require grinding and removal when a green area has to be cleared for construction or overall landscaping. Where we take out a tree, we advise and practice to plant a new one. Transplanting, however, becomes imperative when the ground or surround foliage becomes damaging for the survival of the tree.

What Can Cause Harm to Trees

There are numerous factors that can become harmful for a tree. In order to let the survive and thrive, we offer specialized treatments for unhealthy trees. If your garden or lawn has been maintained in a long time, nature will take over and it will become the survival of the fittest. This competitiveness often forces weaker and damaged trees to get worse. Since our Cape Cod Tree Service is available round the clock, we will swoop in to save the trees that can be treated. Often times, caterpillars, bugs, insects and rodents may be the cause of tree damage. In this case, we ensure that all reasons of harm are eradicated. Along with numerous other minor services, we are a one-stop solution for all tree services in the Cape Cod area.