How Our Cape Cod Tree Service Ensures Safety

We, at Cape Cod Yard and Tree Service, are a crew of professional landscapers, gardeners, arborists, craftsmen and project managers. Delivering the best results to our customers in every single task we take on, we make sure that our clients are happy and at peace. Since there is a close relationship between man and nature, we try to replicate this symbiotic bond through our conscientious actions which help everyone win. Even in the decision of tree removal, our arborists try to save the tree first. If that is not a possibility, then we try to transplant it elsewhere. Sometimes, due to age or disease, the tree may be beyond saving. In this case, we try to make the best of the situation for our clients.

Here are a few things we ensure before, during and after the tree removal procedure:

Equipped for the Job

When you hire for our professional tree removal service in Cape Cod, we come equipped with all the safety standards required to complete the task. Our crew will be dressed in safety glasses, hard hats, leather gloves, Kevlar chaps, ear protection and other necessary gear. This ensures that we stay safe from any accidental hazard. The moment we walk in to remove that tree of yours, you’ll know why hiring our service was preferable to DIY solutions. Safety comes first, for you and us, and for the trees.

Taking Safety Measures

Before we proceed with the tree removal, we take all the compulsory precautions. We will inspect the tree which has to be removed, and if there are any power lines near or surrounding it, we will contact the electric company to either insulate it or shut it off while we remove the tree. Furthermore, our crew ensures that their footing is solid and sure before the process starts in case the ground or tree is a bit tricky to handle.

Engaging the Concerned

Often times, the housing society or the local administration may govern the laws of tree removal. In this case, we help you get involved with the concerned authorities and receive an approval before we remove the tree from your yard or garden. Similarly, if you wish to remove a tree from a neighboring green space, you may be required to get permission first. Our Cape Cod tree service will help you through from the first step till the end result is achieved.

Years of Service Experience

At Cape Cod Yard and Tree Service, we have years of experience working in different environments, landscapes, scenarios, weather and equipment. From Chatham to Truro, Eastham to Orleans, Wellfleet to Brewster; we are a part of the community and the environment. Our crew understands the climate and flora which enables us to plan the tree removal in the best and most effective way.

For further inquiries, you can contact our tree removal service in Cape Cod at (508) 413-0526.