An Outstanding Chatham Lawn Care

Taking care of gardens and lawns, whether commercial or residential, is a task that the professionals of Cape Cod Yard and Tree Service excel at. We make it all very easy and very convenient for you. Our services branch off diversely in the field of lawn maintenance.

Groom Your Spaces With Chatham Lawn Care Service

Residential and commercial spaces demand bigger garden areas which require high maintenance to keep it clean and green. These lawns ask for care and proper treatment for all plant life within to survive and thrive. Since a lawn sets the first impression on your visitors, it requires constant handling, maintaining, cleaning and service. These are all tasks handled very efficiently by Cape Cod Yard and Tree Service. We ensure that your lawn houses perfectly dressed bushes, clean trees, beautiful flower beds and freshly cut grass. All this makes for a pleasant and unique experience for you and your visitors.

Chatham Lawn Care Services: The Professional Choice

Our team is trained to deal with all sorts of lawn maintenance services. Whether you want the grass trimmed or have the bushes dressed, or want to plant new trees or saving the dying ones; our expert gardeners can manage it all. Chatham lawn care by Cape Cod Yard and Tree Service knows exactly how to maintain and beautify your gardens. We create them into unique spaces where you can enjoy your morning coffee as well as late night stargazing. For any taste and occasion, we have you covered in lawn maintenance.

Why Cape Cod Yard And Tree Service For Chatham Lawn Care?

Your lawn will make up the outlook of your house. With our team of certified professionals and licensed garden machinery, we ensure that we materialize your dream lawn into a reality. You only need to discuss it with us and we will handle the rest of the job for you. We offer a great deal of services which will all end in a desirable and satisfactory result.

Chatham Lawn Mowing

Among the lawn maintenance service, the first and foremost is lawn mowing to keep the grass fresh and green. An evenly mowed bed of grass is a beautiful sight on its own. Our lawn mowing is the most effective way to have those extra inches shredded immediately. Our licensed heavy machinery is one of a kind and extremely productive in mowing lawns. Your chance to have a gorgeous freshly cut shiny grass lawn is just a call away.

Planting And Transplanting

Every garden blooms more and survives longer if healthy plants and trees and introduced into it. In order to achieve this, a load of effort needs to be put into the plantation process. When planted properly, they grow to be healthy and beautiful additions to your lawn. Likewise, plantation is also a sensitive job which requires a careful set of hands. Luckily, our team of experts is experience and lauded for these tasks.


This process is a preventive measure against rotting and depleting roofs. It is a layer of straw work which covers the rooftops of any farm. The dual purpose of thatching lets if add decorative ornamentation to the lawn as well as provide protection to the roofs. Since it is natural roofing, it is minimally affected by climate change and helps keep the rooftops protected. Weaving a thatching into a perfect piece takes detailed craftsmanship and time. Bigger pieces may even take years to make but once applied, they go a long way in terms of protection.


Air and water are basic necessities for all plant life to survive. These elements need to be properly accessible by plants so as to stay healthy and growing. At times, the natural and conventional ways are not enough for this purpose. To deal with this, proper mechanisms have been developed which provide the require amount of air and water to the plants. Our team from Cape Cod Yard and Tree Service has extensive experience in this field, thus providing the best aerating solutions for your lawn and garden.


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How to Achieve Ideal Lawn Landscaping

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