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Cape Cod Yard and Tree Service provides exemplary Cape Cod tree service. Trees are the biggest gift of nature and we help you to preserve them in your lawns, gardens and parks.

Reach Us for Quality Tree Removal Service in Cape Cod

Cape Cod Yard and Tree Service offers the most professional and durable Cape Cod tree services that will help you in maintaining and growing your lawn and garden into a scenic landscape. We provide the best quality management and assurance through our friendly gardeners. We give you an experience that will stay with you in the green and brown veins of your plants and trees.

The Leading Cape Cod Tree Service

Our team of dedicated professionals includes arborists, gardeners, landscapers and craftsman. This team works tirelessly to make your dream lawn and garden a reality. When it comes to tree services such as tree removing, stump grinding and removal, disease diagnostic and care tree service and more, we are the ideal and the leading choice for the denizens of the Cape Cod. Our affordability coupled with brilliant workmanship makes us excel and provide successful experience and service.

The Most Accessible Cape Cod Tree Service

Trees are the life and beauty of any commercial or residential lawn and park. We make sure that they stay healthy and do not lose their greenness except in the seasonal change. For this, we use multiple techniques and methods along with specialized machinery. We offer a wide range of services which will cater to all your lawn and garden tree requirements.

A Reputable and Recognized MA Certified Arborists

Since the oxygen we breathe is a gift given by the trees and the plants, we make sure that these breathing mechanisms stay healthy. Besides this gift, trees also provide us with shade, fruit and add a great deal of tranquil scenery to our urban and rural spaces. From cutting, maintenance, watering, planting new trees and pruning, we are an MA Certified team of arborists that constitute the best Cape Cod tree removal service.

Tree Removing

Trees are the soul of any greens space. However, after a certain age, they might dull the appearance and become a burden to maintain. In case of planned commercial lawns, irregular trees might become a physical and aesthetic hindrance. Our Cape Cod tree removal service caters to this and similar needs. Removing huge trees and concentrated place of small trees as per your requirement. We deal with this conveniently using modern heavy machinery cutters.

Stump Grinding and Removal

Oftentimes, only cutting the trees is not the solution to the problem. In order to clear spaces for new lawn installments, construction places or land filling, stump removal is necessary. We do this task with the help of grinders which remove the bark from the base ensuring no remains are left behind. Our professionals are licensed for the use of all the machinery and so is our machinery.

Disease Diagnostic and Care

Pests and plant diseases are inevitable, especially at places that haven’t had human touch for long or even in crowded clustered areas where tree branches intertwine. These diseases not only affect the tree but these also affect the surrounding trees. These diseases are capable of transferring to nearby animals and even humans. We offer identification of disease followed by the plant treatment. No matter the size of the plant/tree, our latest test and treatment equipment handled by specialized individuals from the field will make it look like a walk in the park.

Bug and Caterpillar Eradication

Pests like bugs and caterpillars make tree barks their home quickly. This becomes a serious problem if you want to maintain an old big tree within the vicinity of your lawn or fruit trees in the parks. We have ideal pesticides and medicines to treat these bugs. With proper treatment of these plants, we make the trees bug-free and caterpillar-free so your children can build the perfect tree house for their imaginative adventures safely.

Planting and Transplanting Tree

Apart from offering tree removal services, we also believe in planting a tree when one is removed. With handpicked plants from our affiliated nurseries, we install trees that will stay with you for years to come. Transplanting is another service specialty of ours in which we install different kinds of plants which are unique, immune to pests, and survive much longer. Adding color and variety is part of our organic mission and we love doing it.


What Our Customers Say?

"Tree grinding and stumping is one tough job. We were looking for tree removal services in Cape Cod to get rid of some unwanted barks. Cape Cod Yard and Tree Service is one local company that offers it all. Their tree and lawn service is amazing as well. Loved their work and want everyone to try them out in Cape Cod, MA."



"We used Cape Cod Yard Service's tree removal service in Cape Cod. We are very impressed by their professionalism and appreciate that they provide their services very carefully. Their Cape Cod tree service is great. We are more than happy to hire them in Cape Cod, MA, you should try them too."


Eastham, Cape Cod MA

"Hardworking, earnest and went the extra mile; tree removed was in a difficult location. I have other work and will call him first."


Harwich, Cape Cod MA

"Professional, reliable, and priced well. Julius removed two large trees located in a difficult spot quickly and safely. We have already asked him to return for another. Will certainly recommend him to neighbors."


Brewster, Cape Cod MA

"Very professional. I am pleased with the work that was done. The price and the professionalism. I would highly recommend Cape Cod Tree Service."


Eastham, Cape Cod MA

"Remove Trees"

"Reliable, job is done"


Truro, MA

"Remove Trees"

"Worked with them over the phone. Checked work out after completed. Satisfied."


Eastham, MA

"Remove Trees"

"These guys are really great--excellent prices, fast work, left it clean and checked with me to make sure the job was done to my satisfaction before leaving."


Orleans, MA

"Remove Trees"

"Never saw such hard workers. They gave us a great price and cut down and removed 13 trees in one day. They were quick, got the job done and cleaned up. Total professionals. Would highly recommend them."


Harwich, MA

"Trim Trees"

"Professional people. Courteous. Very reasonable pricing. Performed the job well and on schedule. I would. It hesitate to hire them again."


Wellfleet, MA

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